Innovative and highly-customized


Action Potential was founded in October 2011 by two devoted physical therapists, Kathy Dixon and Kristen Wilson. Frustrated with the few outpatient therapy options available for their senior, neurological, and amputee clients, as well as the high-volume typical of most therapy clinics,  Kathy and Kristen sought an innovative, highly-customized approach to treatment, based on years of experience and patient interaction.

Kathy and Kristen understand how valuable one-on-one therapy is for improving the speed of one’s recovery. In addition, they know that a key piece of recovery is an individualized plan centered on client goals. The Action Potential team spends time getting to know their clients and what makes them who they are, so personalized planning is a natural part of the rehab process.

Combining Kathy and Kristen’s love of functional rehabilitation with one-on-one therapy, Action Potential offers a home for the clients that seek more than the average therapy experience. At Action Potential, we guarantee you are not just another patient.

Our Mission
Everyone has a higher potential, together we can reach yours!

We live this mission by ALWAYS providing therapeutic excellence and superior customer service in a one-on-one setting.

Our therapeutic excellence is exemplified by:
  • Respecting that you are an individual with unique goals
  • Utilizing current researched-based treatments to optimize effectiveness for your treatments
  • Adapting to changing medical regulations and recommendations
  • Extending our role as experts in medicine to your community
Our customer service will exceed your expectations by:
  • Creating memorable moments
  • Accommodating you
  • Providing you with an encouraging environment that includes a friendly, approachable staff and a comfortable, inviting setting
Our Core Values
Reaching our potential means that we are committed to being:
  • We sincerely care about our clients, each other, and our community
  • We believe everyone has a higher potential and want to help achieve it
  • We create memorable moments for everyone whose lives we touch
  • We encourage a healthy lifestyle for ourselves and others
  • We have fun
  • We possess the skills and knowledge to deliver a superior physical therapy and wellness experience which propels our clients quickly back to what they love
  • We are efficient and understand our fiscal responsibility as contributors to our company
  • We are proactive problem-solvers, yet humbly seek guidance when necessary
  • We think outside the box regarding the care we provide and the business-approach we take
  • We understand that in order to survive in a competitive market, we must continually be the best and always set our sights on the horizon
  • We are diverse in our composition and execution
  • We are dedicated to working together to achieve the best outcomes for our clients, the business, and our community
  • We have a positive attitude that is exemplified in every encounter
  • We understand that effective communication and reliability are key to creating meaningful relationships
  • We hold ourselves and each other accountable for upholding our core values
Committed to Lifelong Learning
  • We are active learners and continually look to improve ourselves in all facets of our lives
  • We enthusiastically share our knowledge with each other, our clients, our profession, and our community

The commitment of our staff to our mission and values permits us to maintain the highest quality of care as we promote a sense of fulfillment in the lives of those we touch.