AP Move: Parkinson’s Exercise Class

What: AP Move is a 1 hour group exercise class that occurs every Thursday, delivered by a licensed Physical Therapist. This class offers specific exercises for those with Parkinson's to keep you moving safely while having fun! AP move is geared toward those who are able to tolerate moderate to strenuous exercise.

When: 1x a Week on Thursdays, Monthly @ Action Potential Physical Therapy Glen Mills

Cost:$80 a Month, Billed Monthly

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Conditions We Treat: Osteoporosis, Balance and Walking problems, Arthritis, Joint Replacement, Back and Neck Pain, Degenerative Joint Disease, Neuropathy, Parkinson’s Disease

I was having balance issues as well as confidence issues, Amy was able to offer me sessions to help me with this problem. When I completed the sessions my confidence was back and my balance had improved tremendously. I would recommend Amy’s help to anyone out there suffering from these symptoms of Parkinson’s disease”


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