Author: Nina Conner

Is the Arm Bone Connected to the Hip Bone?

By Nina Conner | August 1st, 2019

We’ve all grew up hearing the little jingle about how the “knee bone’s connected to the thigh bone” (if you […]

Aging is Not for the Weak: Why aging adults should include plyome...

By Nina Conner | July 23rd, 2019

“Aging is not for the weak” a common phrase for aging adults who feel their joints stiffen and ache, muscles […]

Reach Your Potential and Community at the Turkey Trot

By Nina Conner | June 18th, 2019

Family and community have been the cornerstone of Action Potential owners Kristen Wilson and Kathy Dixon’s business focus. By establishing […]

What is “Prehab”?? And how to properly prepare for an electi...

By Nina Conner | June 4th, 2019

Barring any significant trauma requiring immediate medical attention, musculoskeletal surgeries are typically elective. Whether its a total joint replacement [of […]

Myth Busters: Do Sports Cause Arthritis?

By Nina Conner | May 15th, 2019

Many of us have participated in sports throughout our lifespan, playing in high school and college sports, or recreational running/biking. […]

Happy National Arthritis Awareness Month! Here are some tips to r...

By Nina Conner | May 1st, 2019

Arthritis can be a real pain in the you know what [insert body part here]. Arthritis, a pathology characterized by […]

Diabetes: What is it and how can I Prevent it?

By Nina Conner | April 18th, 2019

Unfortunately the prevalence of diabetes is growing in the US, 26 million people in the US have diabetes (8.3%) and […]

The key to finding comfort when your symptoms radiate down your a...

By Nina Conner | April 1st, 2019

Neck and Back pain isn’t the big problem Have you ever woken up the day after a tough workout and […]

Foam Rolling: What's All the Hype About?

By Nina Conner | March 17th, 2019

A common question I get from patients, from younger athletes to weekend warriors, is if there is a benefit to […]