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10 Summer Hacks for the Beach

Beach Season is here! With all its ups and downs, tan lines and sun burns, sand castles and sand in sandwiches, boogie boarding and under toe. Below are listed some beach hacks so that you can summer smart and capitalize on the best parts of a day at the beach!

  1. Freeze your water bottles instead of bringing ice packs: It frees up extra room for snacks while keeping them cool. And it keeps your drinks colder longer!
  2. Dig a “baby hole” in the sand. Place a towel over the hole, and you have a cozy little spot for your little one to lie down in.
  3. Baby Powder: Pack baby powder to remove wet sand from your skin before you leave the beach. I don’t know why it works, but it does!
  4. Put your smart phone in a sandwich bag: The bag will protect it from the sand/water and the touch screen will still work!
  5. Spiked lemonade pouches for the adults and/or alcohol-free versions for the kids. You’re on vacation right!
  6. Put Toys in a mesh laundry bag: It sifts the sand so that you don’t take too much of the beach home with you.
  7. Use a fitted sheet on the beach to keep sand out. Also frees up your towel for other uses such as a pillow.
  8. Turn your steering wheel upside down: Prevents you from burning your hands when you get back in the car on a hot summer day.
  9. Squeeze some Lemon Juice into your hair for natural highlights!
  10. Blow into a deflated balloon If there’s water in your ears, blowing into a deflated balloon can help clear it out.

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