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5 Ways to Stay Active on NFL Sunday

We’ve finally made it to November and the football season is in full swing.

For some of you, this means you are packing away your Phillies merchandise and swapping it out with your favorite Eagles gear…..[Okay, Let’s be honest, after last season you probably never took them off.]

But as the weather starts to get colder, a large portion of your probably Sunday consists of being indoors, in front of the TV, snacking on finger-foods, and cursing at the screen (read: cursing at the refs or those darn Cowboys).

Hey, don’t get me wrong…this isn’t a bad thing. I’m not one to want to go outside to check my mail let alone go for a run or head to the gym when its less than . Nonetheless, keeping up an active lifestyle is an important part of staying healthy through the winter. So instead of waiting several months for that groundhog to miss his shadow we’ve come up with a few easy things to do to stay moving through your weekend.


Start the game off right with a few easy stretches



Thoracic spine

Lumbar spine &  Hip Flexors


Hold each for 20-30 sec and perform twice (per side when applicable)
Be sure to never push through any pain with these.

1st Quarter:

Let go of some of the game-day jitters by performing 5 wall-sits for 15-30sec each.

Try and go as deep as you can and work to beat your score on the second rep.

2nd quarter:

Cheer your team on from your ‘superstitious’ game-day chair by standing up and cheering with your arms in the air.

Bonus: Bring the stadium experience to your home by starting the wave with your family

3rd quarter:

As your team gets back on the field and starts to warm-up again, perform 4 sets of a 30 sec calisthenic drill to gear up for the 2nd half

Some of our favorites include:  high knees, single leg hops, butt kickers, Lunges

Stay safe by marking out 10-15 ft of open space.

4th quarter:

We aren’t going to expect you to exercise when the game is on the line….

So when it’s all said and done, how did your team do?

Subtract the two scores from one another and perform push-ups or sit-ups that make up the difference (example: a final score of 20-13 = 7 sit-ups or push-ups)

Looking at all of these together, it might seem like its a full and difficult workout to do….
But by breaking these down into smaller bits throughout the game, these tasks shouldn’t take more than a few minutes and will have many cardiovascular and muscular benefits.

If any of these are painful, modify as needed, but feel free to contact your trusted PT’s at Action Potential for any further advice!

P.S. If you haven’t already, don’t forget to sign yourself or your family/friends up for our annual Turkey Trot Race this Thanksgiving!

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