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March Madness Bracket Challenge: Exercise Edition!

Here at Action Potential we take [friendly] competition seriously. So as March rolls in, you can only imagine how we feel about March Madness.

So to make things a little interesting around the clinic, we decided to make up a bracket consisting of some of our favorite exercises based on 4 different categories (or “conferences”):

Seated exercises, Standing exercises, Table-based exercises, and Balance exercises.

If you’ve ever been to physical therapy before I’m sure a few, if not all, of these ring a bell.

(If you’d like to fill one out yourself, simply right-click on this bracket, “Save” it to your Desktop, and print it out)

For your enjoyment, we’ve decided to upload everyone’s bracket onto this post to see how are brackets match up.

Plus as a bonus, at the bottom of this post we’ve reviewed some of the stats on which exercise was the company favorite.

And the Winner is:


Well….technically its a tie.  Bridges and Squats each took 2 Championships but squats went to the final round 6 times, Bridges went to the final round twice (taking the ‘ship home each time) and ‘Step up with a march’ went to the final game twice taking home the trophy only once.



Gold: Squats

Silver: Bridges

Bronze: ‘Step up with March’

Honorable Mentions: ‘Monster Walks’, ‘Single Leg Standing’, and ‘Lateral Step Downs’

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