Unlike the traditional outpatient clinic, at Action Potential, we provide all of our sessions in a one-on-one format. Our therapists treat a variety of ages and conditions, and specifically have advanced training, certifications, and years of experience treating clients of all ages and abilities. We understand how to use education and exercise to improve complex medical conditions, as well as how advanced age may impact recovery from injury or illness. Whether transitioning from inpatient rehabilitation to home, rehabilitating a sports injury, or just hoping to improve overall mobility, our therapists have the skills and time to help you reach your optimal potential.

Focusing on function gets you back to the activities you love to do. Your therapy session will not just focus on strengthening weak muscles, but will train those muscles to work in a real-life situation. Whether your goals include reaching for kitchen items, carrying items from room to room, or building the physical tolerance needed to return to sport or work, you can practice under the direct guidance of your therapist. But beyond what our clinic physically has to offer, our therapists understand how to translate typical exercises into everyday activities. And not only will you gain practice in those tasks, but we will teach you how to use those exercises to prevent future problems.

Wear what makes you comfortable. We recommend wearing supportive shoes, such as sneakers, and upper body layers so that if you work up a sweat you can take a layer off to be more comfortable. Often times your therapist may need to take a closer look at your leg or knee, so we suggest wearing pants that can be rolled up above the knee or shorts. If you are coming for amputee care or prosthetic training, it is helpful to wear a pair of gym shorts under your pants to allow ample access to your residual limb. Please leave important personal belongings at home or in the car.

Usually the first visit is called your Initial Evaluation. We ask that you come 15 minutes early to fill out paperwork, or you can save time by completing your registration forms before you come. Also, we ask that you bring your license/identification card, insurance information, physician prescription, and a list of current medications with you.  If you have a co-pay, we ask that you pay it at the start of your visit. After a review of your paperwork, your therapist will accompany you to our treatment area and your session will begin. The Initial Evaluation is a chance for you and your therapist to get to know each other, evaluate your therapy needs, and set goals that will enable you to get back to doing the things you love. You and your therapist will then decide your visit pattern, and schedule your next visit. Once your evaluation is complete, we communicate the treatment plan with your physician. Watch our YouTube video for more information!

Yes! At Action Potential we have a one-on-one guarantee. We realize that you are seeking therapy for guidance throughout your recovery, and will benefit from more than just a list of exercises. Each person has individualized goals, and providing one-on-one treatment enables your therapist to create a unique treatment plan and cater each session to your direct needs.

Yes! We offer very competitive self-pay rates that may end up saving you money compared to using your insurance benefits. For more information, check out our blog on the cost savings associated with self-pay physical therapy as well as how to submit to your insurance company for out of network claim.

Action Potential is currently in network with Medicare and Medicare Advantage plans, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and most workers’ compensation and auto insurers. However, we have competitive self pay rates that may be more affordable than a traditional high-deductible plan or a health care plan with high co-pays.  For more information, check out our blog on the cost savings associated with self-pay physical therapy as well as how to submit to your insurance company for out of network claim.

You’ve already taken the first step by looking at our website, now give us a call, (484) 841-6154 or request an appointment online. We are happy to assist you in deciding if we are the right fit for you, or answer any questions you may have. Because we have our Direct Access license, you do not need a doctor’s prescription to come to Action Potential. Still on the fence? Consider a FREE virtual visit consultation to see if physical therapy is right for you. We can’t wait to meet you!

An AP Ambassador is a champion of Action Potential who lives our mission! AP Ambassadors help us spread the word about our PT services by referring us to friends and family. In order to become an AP Ambassador, refer four clients for physical therapy. As a thank you, you’ll receive some great perks! AP Ambassadors receive a great piece of AP gear, 10% off all services, and 2 free screens each year. Will you help us spread the word? Become an AP Ambassador today!

Virtual visits are physical therapy or wellness appointments delivered via a video conferencing platform.  This process allows you to receive the care you need from the comfort of your home, office, or when on the go. Virtual visits are currently not covered by most insurance companies in the state of Pennsylvania, however legislature is currently in the development stages to cover these services. In the meantime, we offer virtual visits at an affordable rate to allow you never miss a step in your recovery.

No question is too small at Action Potential. We encourage you to contact us either by phone: 484-841-6154 or send us a message using our Contact Form. We will get back to you promptly to answer your questions.