Virtual Prenatal Workshop: Tips for a Fit and Pain-free Pregnancy

Attention all mamas-to-be, join Action Potential Co-Owner, Pelvic Floor Therapist & mom of 3, Kristen Wilson. In this 1-hour virtual workshop, she will share information about the most common types of pain, ways to reduce pain, and discuss exercise recommendations to help you prepare for delivery. After completion of this workshop, you will have access to a downloadable PDF with Top Tips for a Happy Momma, free 1 on 1 consultation, & a support system to help answer your questions.

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Conditions We Treat: Loss of urine, Urgency to urinate, Pain with sexual intercourse (Dyspareunia), Pain while inserting a tampon, Vulvodynia, Vulvar vestibulitis, Tailbone pain (Coccydynia), Vaginismus, Prolapse, Pudendal neuralgia, Post-partum recovery, Vaginal tearing with delivery (Episiotomy)

I sought postpartum pelvic floor PT at AP and it was one of the best self care items I could of chosen to do. I was active during my entire pregnancy at my CrossFit gym and it was important to me to return to working out safely and intentionally. The AP team met me exactly where I was at gave me a treatment plan that was easy to incorporate into my busy life as a new mom. I was able to learn how to engage my pelvic floor in order to strength it and my core so I could safely return to the gym

Amanda S.

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