Birth Prep Session

Birth Prep

Birthing with Confidence

Whether your first birth or as a seasoned pro, getting ready for childbirth can be intimidating. These private one on one sessions cover the basics of childbirth to build your confidence and offer you control of your birthing plan. Sessions can be completed with your partner present or solo, and are customized to meet your needs.

What We’ll Cover

  • Vaginal stretching to minimize tearing
  • Labor positions
  • Pushing techniques
  • Post Partum exercises
  • Resource list of supportive practitioners
  • Education for you and your partner


“After my birth prep session I felt confident that I was in control of my birth. My partner learned to stretch me before and I ended up not having a tear! I also felt confident knowing what to do after birth with the exercises to help get my body back. Thanks AP!”

–Michelle H.

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