The AP Way

A Different Approach to Therapy

Simply stated, we’re different. Unlike most therapy providers who treat multiple clients at a time, Action Potential’s unique one on one treatment approach provides a superior personalized experience. Our skilled therapists combine expertise with compassion to address a wide range of conditions.

One therapist, one client, one result: Your Success.

One on One Guarantee

We believe the key to a great recovery is having a great therapy experience. This belief is why we guarantee one on one sessions with a skilled physical therapist for every visit. Our therapists not only care about the clients with whom they are working, but they also have the opportunity to spend the extra time needed to get to know each one on a personal level. Not only will you give direct input into your therapy plan, but you’ll be working to achieve real-life outcomes. We don’t think therapy should be about just lifting weights and stretching muscles… we want to see you get back to the activities you cherish.

Want to learn more? Watch this video to learn more about the practice!

Convenient Scheduling

Scheduling appointments is a drag. Let us help by using our online appointment request feature. Fill out the request form, then we’ll contact you via phone or email to set up your initial appointment.

Telemedicine Therapy

Certain situations allow you to “virtually” connect with your therapist via phone or video conferencing to assess your progress, receive instruction, or to learn ways to manage a pain flare-up. Our affordable rates and recent expansion of insurance coverage for these sessions make virtual visits a no-brainer. Request a FREE virtual visit consultation to see if physical therapy is right for you!

Affordable Rates

While we accept many insurances that may pay for your physical therapy services, we also offer competitive self pay rates. If your insurance is out of network or if you have a high deductible health care plan, it may be beneficial for you to consider paying cash for your services. We can always provide you with documentation to submit for insurance reimbursement.

Action Potential Rates
• Physical therapy Initial evaluation (40 minutes): $110
• Physical therapy follow up session (40 minutes): $95
• Dry Needling (Add on to typical session rate): $45
We offer a money back guarantee for a session if you are not satisfied!

Telemedicine Therapy visit
40 minutes: $95

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Online Resources

Better than trying to find out the answers on your own, consider visiting our online learning platform via YouTube which contains information on diagnoses/conditions, common home exercise programs, tips, and all the fun facts about Action Potential you would ever want to know. We also offer a convenient link to the AP Store which provides access to our most recommended physical therapy products.

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Prenatal and Post Partum Exercise with Fit4Mom

Action Potential is pleased to partner with Fit4Mom who provides prenatal and postpartum exercise classes for mothers in the Glen Mills, West Chester, and Kennett area. Interested? Contact our Fit4Mom Coordinator Sarah Glasgow at for more information.