Work Wellness & Injury Prevention Program

Job Function Matching

  • Job Function Analysis (JFA)
    • Observation of an employee performing all job duties by a skilled physical therapist
  • Job Function Description (JFD)
    • Summary of Job Function Analysis for each job including quantifiable characteristics of the job duties
  • Job Function Test (JFT)
    • Tests the capability of an employee for performing a job and yields a score of his potential success
    • Post Offer Employment Testing (POET)
    • Return to work testing

Onsite Early Intervention & Prevention

  • Injury Prevention
    • Stretching/conditioning programs
    • Lectures on health topics related to musculoskeletal conditions
    • Back school/Lifting training
    • Ergonomic assessment of work stations
    • Wellness screens
  • Onsite OSHA First Aid
    • Early intervention for musculoskeletal symptoms to avoid a recordable incident
    • Includes assessment and management of both work and non-work related symptoms

Functional Capacity Assessment

Standardized test to determine a person’s safe functional capacity for work



  • Reduces injury rate, lost time days, modified work days
  • Reduces Workers Compensation disability costs
  • Reduces number of workers injured in first 12 months of a job; reduced drop-out rate for new staff
  • Prevents minor injuries from becoming OSHA recordables
  • Allows aging workforce to successfully fulfill job duties
  • Improves communication between employee, safety managers, and other involved parties


  • Creates a clear understanding of physical demands of job duties
  • Reduces time out of work
  • Enhanced sense of company concern in employee well-being
  • Improved convenience to healthcare access
  • Eliminates fear of reporting symptoms to supervisors

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