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Self-Pay vs Insurance: What You Might Not Know

With the cost of healthcare continually rising, in many cases, it can be more cost-effective to pay cash for services instead of using your insurance benefits. High-deductible health plans, plans with high copay amounts, and plans with limited service options may hinder you from receiving the treatment you deserve, creating a financial burden or placing other restrictions on your care.  At Action Potential, we believe everyone has a right to excellent physical therapy, and as a result, we have created competitive self-pay rates and flexible treatment options to satisfy every budget.  Consider the following scenario to demonstrate your potential cost savings:*

In addition, paying out of pocket for your services allows increased flexibility for the design of your plan. Typically, traditional insurance companies desire patients to receive care 2-3 times per week to reduce the total time in therapy. Opting for Self Pay allows you to create a plan that fits your lifestyle, whether that means receiving treatment multiple times per week, once a week, or once a month!  In addition, you could choose to receive your sessions in the office or via a virtual visit from the comfort of your own home. You and your therapist will work together to design a program that meets everyone’s needs, especially yours.

As a reminder, any care provided at Action Potential is performed one on one, not like most clinics where therapists must treat multiple patients at a time. We believe the best way to improve your health is to give you our ultimate, undivided attention which allows you to get better, faster.  You and your health are worth it.

*Assumes chargeable rate of $240/session.

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