Author: Sarah Homan

7 Tips for Lifting Safely while Moving

By Sarah Homan | July 17th, 2018

I’ll start with a disclaimer, this blog post is mostly a helpful reminder for myself. In the next couple of […]

The Core: Myths, Tips & Tricks

By Sarah Homan | June 20th, 2018

What is the core? It is all the muscles in your torso, from your shoulders to your hips, people usually […]

Sedentary is the New Smoking: How to Reduce Your Risk of Illness ...

By Sarah Homan | June 4th, 2018

Countless studies have found a link between chronic sitting with a higher risk of many diseases including, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, […]

Vertigo De-Mystified: All You Need to know about BPPV and Vertig...

By Sarah Homan | May 14th, 2018

Earlier this year I delved into the topic of dizziness. As described in that post, there are a lot of […]

Quality Physical Therapy: Are you Getting the Best Care?

By Sarah Homan | April 25th, 2018

Quality Matters As with most things, quality trumps quantity, and Physical Therapy (PT) is no different. With rising medical costs, […]

Are Those Cankles or Do you Keep Spraining your Ankles?

By Sarah Homan | March 14th, 2018

It’s March madness and everyone is tuning in to watch the big-name schools compete and hopefully see some underdog upsets. […]

Dizziness: You Spin Me Right Round, Baby Right Round

By Sarah Homan | February 21st, 2018

An Intro to Dizziness and What PTs can do. Everyone has gotten dizzy before, and dizziness can be one of […]

Muscle Cramps: Myth Busters

By Sarah Homan | August 29th, 2017

Practically everyone has experienced a muscle cramp in their life. Especially those very annoying and painful charley horses that you […]

What to Expect After a Knee Replacement

By Sarah Homan | May 30th, 2017

There are an estimated 4.7 million Americans with knee replacements. In fact, if you are 60 or older, more likely […]