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Top Dog Walking Safety Tips

Dog walks are a great way to exercise, get fresh air, and break up your workday, all while bonding with your pup! Many dog owners walk their dogs multiple times a day, so take care of yourself during these walks and make the most out of your daily routine. Whether you are walking around town, through a park, or in the woods, read below for our top recommended tips on how to stay safe during your daily dog walking routine.

  1. Wear Proper Footwear: You may find it easier to throw on the first and easiest pair of shoes you own to take your dog outside. Be mindful of choosing a comfortable walking shoe, preferably a sneaker, and avoid shoes without a back in order to reduce your risk of rolling an ankle or tripping over improperly fitted shoes.
  2. Stay alert to obstacles: There are plenty of uneven sidewalks, broken branches, and other obstacles which may cause you to trip and fall when not paying attention. Be mindful of your steps and stay attentive to the obstacles in your path.
  3. Body awareness when holding the leash: When your pup sees a bird or another doggo, they may start off in a run and end up pulling at the leash. In order to protect your shoulder and reduce the risk of an injury or a strain, keep your shoulder blades engaged throughout the walk and maintain an upright posture. It is also important to maintain control by keeping your leash short and teaching your dog to walk with you rather than many steps in front of you.
  4. Use your knees when you pick up poo: Nature calls and it is inevitable that you will pick up poo 1-2 times per walk. Be mindful when you do your neighborly duty and remember to bend at your knees! 
  5. Stay Hydrated – for you and your dog! Especially as the weather starts to get warmer, it is important to keep you and your dog hydrated throughout your walk. It is easy to forget to carry water with you. So set a reminder or plan ahead of time by researching areas that have drinking water for you and your dog.. or come check out Action Potential in Kennett Square at our dog bowl!

Dog walking should be fun for you and your beloved pooch. If you are having pain while walking or worried about what to do while taking your dog for a walk to do #2…  Contact a local physical therapist who can help you build the confidence you need to walk your dog safely.

Photo: https://pixabay.com/images/id-1380198/