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Top 6 Travel Tips for Older Adults

Summer vacation might be over, but everyone knows the best time to travel is in the fall. Fall brings cooler weather, fewer travelers, and better prices for flights and accommodations. However traveling as an older adult can be daunting, especially if you have joint pain or chronic health conditions. For those with the travel bug, don’t let your chronic condition limit you. There are a lot of hotels or cruises that offer special considerations for senior travelers, you just have to ask. Read below for tips when you travel in order to minimize your risk and maximize your experience.

Top 6 Travel Tips

  1. Scope the Terrain: When planning tours or locations to visit, find out what the terrain is, how much walking is involved, and if there are chances for rest. If you have a lot of joint pain , or lower endurance, for example pick a bus tour over a walking tour.
  2. Pick the Right Hotel: Find accommodations that are central to places you want to visit, or close to a train station. As stated above do your research to find lodging that offer special accommodations for older adults if needed.
  3. Take it Easy: You may want to see everything the city has to offer, but to prevent burn out, schedule in time to relax and recuperate.
  4. Medications: Always carry medications in your carry-on bag in case you lose your luggage. If you take medications and will be crossing time zones, ask your healthcare provider whether you should take your medicines so the time coincide with back home, or to switch to the local time zone. Also check to see if your vaccines are updated and check the CDC website for required and recommended vaccines while traveling abroad.
  5. Money & Valuables: Don’t bring anything you wouldn’t mind losing, for example your best jewelry. When at your destination limit the amount of cash that you carry with you and limit ATM visits to only actual bank locations.
  6. Travel Insurance: Always make sure to purchase travel insurance on big trips. This helps with trip cancellations, sickness, injury, or lost luggage.

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If you are having chronic pain or poor endurance that is limiting you from doing activities you want to do, check with your physician or trusted PT. PT can help manage and reduce pain or safely improve endurance so that you can get back to what you love doing most. Check out our website or request an appointment here.

Information courtesy of Cara Schweizer from Dream Builders Travel, www.dreambuilderstravel.com

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