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8 Crazy Nights: At Home Holiday Workout

It is the holiday season (in case the radio or stores haven’t notified you). We all have loosened our belts since Thanksgiving, and are now confronted with the fried food and desserts of the holiday. A quick workout should be the ticket to light a fire under our tuchus (maybe before we light the menorah or Christmas tree). Below is an 8 exercise, at home holiday, bodyweight workout ladder to get us moving and burn off some calories. 

What is a Workout Ladder?

A workout ladder is a good way to change your workout routine. A workout ladder involves a series of exercises that are performed in consecutive sets that either increase or decrease the number of repetitions or time to perform each exercise. This 8 day (or more) workout is time-based.

How To:
  • Perform each exercise continuously for 20 seconds, rest, and continue to the next exercise
  • On following days add an additional 10 seconds to each exercise
  • Rest breaks between exercises are as quick or as long as needed
  • To perform safely, the technique is key

If there is any pain (not soreness) stop the activity, double-check your form, or call a trusted Physical Therapist. Action Potential Physical Therapy has locations in Glen Mills and Kennett Square, Pennsylvania, and are experts in movement and return to the sport!

Daily Activity Performance Duration:

Day 1: 20 sec, Day 2: 30 sec, Day 3: 40 sec, Day 4: 50 sec, Day 5: 60 sec Day 6: 70 sec, Day 7: 80 sec, Day 8: 90 sec


Keys: Feet hip width apart, spine straight, keep weight in your heels as your hips shift back and chest comes forward.

Push Up


Keys: Keep the spine straight with core engaged and shoulders away from your ears. Can be performed on knees or against wall or counter if unable to perform as above.

Elevated Clamshells

Elevated Clam Shell

Keys: elbow/forearm supported on the ground and positioned under the shoulder. First lift top knee up to the ceiling and then lift hips up, straighten your hip forward so trunk/hips are in line. Modify by only lifting top knee.



Keys: keep the trunk upright and core engaged, take a big step forward, keeping front heel down, next drop back knee to the ground. Reset and repeat. Modify by holding onto wall or other support for balance.

Step Up

Step Up

Keys: Step up and drive through the heel of the foot on the step. Swing your arms to incorporate upper body. Switch feet each time.

Bird Dogs

Bird Dogs

Keys: Start in a tabletop like position (hips over knees shoulders over wrists) keep core engaged and shoulders away from ears. Extend opposite arm and leg out. Switch each side

Core Marches

core marches

Keys: keep back and tailbone flat on the ground. Tighten/brace your lower core like tightening a belt. Start knees in the air and tap feet up and down, 1 at a time, alternating.

Jumping Jacks

Jumping Jacks

Keys: Feet and hands go out and in at the same time, going as fast as you can keeping the range of motion.

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels