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Keystone calm: Relaxing Outdoor Activities in Pennsylvania

By Nina Conner | January 2nd, 2018

For some people, getting a needed mental health boost means spending quality time with family. For others, it’s sitting quietly […]

See Your Physical Therapist to Nip Potential Injuries in the Bud

By Nina Conner | December 18th, 2017

You probably already know to make an appointment with a physical therapist when you sprain your ankle or develop tennis […]

Exercise… Do I Have To? Recommendations to Making Exercise a He...

By Nina Conner | November 3rd, 2017

The truth is we all know that exercise is good for you. It is strongly linked to reducing risk of […]

Muscle Cramps: Myth Busters

By Nina Conner | August 29th, 2017

Practically everyone has experienced a muscle cramp in their life. Especially those very annoying and painful charley horses that you […]

7 Stretches to Improve Your Squat and Prevent Injury

By Nina Conner | August 8th, 2017

If you spend much of your day at a desk, in a car, or on a couch, you probably have  […]

Beach Do’s and Dont’s

By Nina Conner | July 6th, 2017

If you can’t tell, I’m loving beach season! So this is the second installment on how to be smart at […]

10 Summer Hacks for the Beach

By Nina Conner | June 13th, 2017

Beach Season is here! With all its ups and downs, tan lines and sun burns, sand castles and sand in […]

What to Expect After a Knee Replacement

By Nina Conner | May 30th, 2017

There are an estimated 4.7 million Americans with knee replacements. In fact, if you are 60 or older, more likely […]

Chiropractor or Physical Therapy: What’s the Difference?

By Nina Conner | May 9th, 2017

Sarah, would you go to a Chiropractor? A question that I’ve gotten more than once.My initial answer is usually rather […]